Christmas Day 2014

26 Dec

A fantastic sunny morning after a frosty night.

Could not miss the opportunity so Lynda and I went for a walk around our local fens (Hinderclay, Thelnetham, Blo Norton, Webb’s and Parkers Piece). All part of the Little Ouse Headwaters Project (LOHP).

First stop was the duck farm slurry lagoon in the hope of an overwintering Green Sandpiper. No such luck just 8 feeding Teal and a Carrion Crow.  Walking through Hinderlay Fen several wrens were seen along with Blackbird and a few Woodpigeon. Overall it was quiet.  Approaching Thelnetham Fen I scanned the marsh area for Jack Snipe, must be on holiday with the Green Sandpipers, it was void of birds.

From here we crossed the river Little Ouse and continued through Blo Norton Fen. More wrens a few Great Tit and Blue Tit. Then we came across a small tit and finch flock. Blue, Great, Long-tailed and Marsh Tit, with yet more wrens and Chaffinch. Eagerly checking for Brambling but none of those either. Re joining the river we flushed one Little Egret and heard a Great-spotted Woodpecker calling. 2 Pheasants a few more wrens and that was about it until we were walking back into the village. High up I could hear Golden Plover calling but could not locate them, they called again and this time I spotted them, about 60 birds flew over wheeled around and dropped just over the brow of a hill onto a field we had walked past.  It was great to see them as they turned and called the light. They did not stay more than a few minutes then up and over the county boundary into Norfolk

Fairly quiet all in all with goldies being the bird of the day.

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